The Constructions of Sustainable Landscapes

This project is unique in our region, it gathers artistical constructions, with educational and cultural activities, in a nature reserve that wishes to pay tribute to the Muisca Culture, promoting the territorial identity inside the region and reinforcing the local culture.

In this way, we aim to cultivate the valuable lessons of this culture. All of these, by offering the visitants a new perspective of their identity and teaching the way the Muisca community lived a sustainable and balanced coexistence with our territory.


In this trail, we wish to submerge our visitors in a diversity of thematical and educational spaces about the Muisca Culture; always emphasizing on the importance they use to give to natural resources.

At the same time, we seek to promote the creative economy generating work opportunities and regional education.


  • Strengthen our cultural and creative sector, along with its chain of value.

  • Visibility in the cultural activities and the constructions generated within the project.

  • 20% discount on the activities related to Ley de la Familia inside the foundation (Law 1875)

  • 165% discount on the liquid rent over the donated value.

Para más información, contáctanos:

Fabián Enciso

Gestor Cultural

[email protected]

Karen Franco

Gestora Comercial

[email protected]