¡Our most emblematic bird is in danger of extinction! With most recent data of 63 Condors in Colombia, all the actions for its protection and the one of its’ habitat- the paramo- are fundamental for the avoidance of the disappearance of the Andean Condor. Our project develops itself in the paramo El Almorzadero, specifically in San Andrés and Cerrito, two municipalities located in the Santander department. There, through the Asociación Campesina Coexistiendo con el Cóndor- ACAMCO-along with the nearby paramo population, we encourage the transformation of the traditional extensive production systems, that put in danger the availability of other natural resources, such as water. Nevertheless, this is only one of the project’s strategies; the ex situ conversation (breeding under human care), in situ conversation, environmental education and communication, and the sustainable production are all the components of this project.

Ex situ Conversation: in 2015, we brought three Condor couples from chile, that can be found today in three zoological institutions that make part of this Program, with the purpose of reproducing the Condor under human care, so that when the time comes, they can be liberated in our country to strengthen or supply the current condor population that can be found in wildlife.

In situ Conservation: We must also have the information about the individuals of the specie that can be found in wildlife, for this, we monitor the condors that can be found in paramo El Almorzadero.

Environmental education and communication for the communitarian participation: With this component we seek to promote caring actions regarding the Andean Condor and its’ habitat through the love for science and the participation of the community, as well as making an efficient communication about the program with members of the ACAMCO and the Fundación Parque Jaime Duque, the same with all the interested entities, like educational institutions, public and private companies, and the general community.

Sustainable production: We have come to understand that the work with the community is fundamental for the proper development of the Program. By giving sustainable production alternatives and achieving the diversification of the incomes, we allow people a better quality of life and with these, ways for the ecosystem to conserve, protect and restore itself, creating an equilibrium between the social, economic and environmental components.

Our goal is that through an improvement of the quality of life and the education given to 50 farmers of the paramo El Almorzadero, we can mitigate the human- specie conflict that takes place in this region.

Algunos datos importantes

  • 16 familias Asociadas
  • +1800 ha de páramo para conservación y producción sostenible
  • El 53% de los cóndores del país se encuentran en los Andes Nororientales (Santanderes y Boyacá) (Fundación Neotropical, 2021). En el Páramo el Almorzadero hemos identificado 28.
  • +100 especies de plantas reportadas
  • +55 especies de animales reportados (entre reptiles, aves y mamíferos).
  • Apoyados por la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza – UICN-NL, para la adquisición de nuestra reserva natural “La Piedra del Cóndor”.
  • Catalogados dos veces dentro de los 500 mejores proyectos ambientales por PREMIOS LATINOAMÉRICA VERDE.


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