1. What is the difference between the bracelets?

For your admission you can purchase a legacy bracelet that includes a visit to all the areas and attractions of the Park except the special ones that are the Andes Train and the Ecobicycle Tour through the Ecoparque Sabana Nature Reserve; this bracelet is in operation every day of Park service.

For nature lovers, we drive the Ecoparque Bracelet, which allows entry to the Sabana Ecoparque Natural Reserve, where the Muisca Memory trail (5k), educational talks, Our Planet tour (educational modules) and sighting of birds. Remember, this bracelet option does not include admission to the other areas of the Park.

2. What are the service hours of the Jaime Duque Park Foundation?

Our usual service is Wednesday (in special seasons), Thursday and Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

3. How can I get to the Jaime Duque Park Foundation?
  • If you visit us from the city of Bogotá, at the Terminal del Norte Station you can access the intermunicipal transport service to Tocancipá, after which the tour ends at the roundabout of the Arrieros restaurant, from there you will walk approximately five minutes to find the entrance park pedestrian.
  • From the municipality of Zipaquirá in the transport terminal you can access the transport service to Sopó, this bus will leave you in front of the pedestrian gate of the Park.
  • In the case of the Chía municipality, you can access the transport service to Tocancipá on the pedestrian bridge of the Clínica de la Sabana.
  • From the municipality of Cajicá, you can access the inter-municipal service to Sopó and walk from Briceño for approximately 15 minutes to the pedestrian entrance to the Park.
  • If you visit us from other regions of our country, from the Bogotá Transport Terminal you can access intermunicipal transport to Tocancipá, the approximate journey is 60 minutes.
4. What agreements and discounts does the Parque Jaime Duque Foundation currently have for admission?

Currently in our income we handle the following agreements, discounts and courtesies:

Coomeva Agreement: You can apply for this agreement directly at the entity’s offices, it is valid only for legacy bracelets.
Hotel Pop Art Agreement: 25% discount on beings of light bracelet and legacy bracelet for guests.
Group discounts: This discount applies to groups of 30 people or more and only by making a reservation by calling 6200681 ext. 208 or 106 or email: [email protected]

Courtesy in disability condition: Jaime Duque Park offers free admission to people whose medical condition is Permanent Disability, in this case we apply it by presenting the identity document, certification or medical card that certifies the condition (the bracelet only applies to the disabled person, the accompanying person must pay their income).

*Discounts and agreements are NOT cumulative.

5. Business, school reservations, educational workshops and celebration of special dates:

The Park has a special service according to your needs, for information on business plans you can contact 6200681 ext 106 or email [email protected] [email protected] in the case of school plans at 6200681 ext. 208 or email [email protected] Please make your communication at least 15 days prior to the desired date for the visit.

We handle special strategies for the needs of our groups and visitors. Here we will mention some of them:

Virtual and face-to-face educational workshops: In this offer you will find different unique and unforgettable educational proposals, for more information you can write to [email protected] or call 3006178241
Children’s parties: We want to highlight the importance of the family and loved ones, for this reason we drive in our restaurants halls and spaces available for the birthday celebration, according to your need or desire we make decoration and food reservation. For more information you can write to [email protected] or call 3006178241

6. What is the Wakatá Bioparque Nature Reserve?

Wakatá means sacred, it was transformed by the Muiscas into the word Bacatá, a name given to the region that would later be known as Bogotá.

Our Biopark is an ecological reserve focused on the well-being of species, mainly Colombian, where you can have an encounter with nature, learn about wildlife, their ecosystems, and the threats they face.

Our purpose is to maintain high standards of animal welfare, promoting the care of Colombian biodiversity through research projects and environmental education programs.

Where do the animals that are in the Bioparque Nature Reserve come from?

Confiscations: The possession of wild animals as pets is prohibited by Colombian law, so when the trafficked animals cannot return to their natural habitat, they are relocated to institutions like ours by the environmental authorities.
Exchanges with other institutions: Bioparques de Colombia and the world form a network of allies, so we can bring and send animals to and from other institutions, in order to contribute to the conservation of species and maintain viable populations.
Births: Many of our animals reproduce naturally.

7. What animals are found in the Bioparque Wakatá Nature Reserve?

The Wakatá Biopark is a conservation, research and education center that has become a home for animals that have been victims of illegal wildlife trafficking in Colombia and different parts of the world. In our habitats we find:

Tropicaria: Anaconda, boas, python molurus, spiny dragon, false coral, turtles (Morrocoy, mata mata, snapper), axolotl, frogs, baboons, ocelot, Magdalena crocodile and white-headed tamarins.
African Savannah: Hippos, ostriches, water buffaloes and lions.
Zigzag Tour: Tigers, jaguar, cotton-top tamarins, white-tailed deer, peccaries, llamas, antelopes, goats, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, gray fox and páramo tapir.
Birds: Parrots, macaws, king vulture, eagles, owls.
Primate Islands. Spider monkeys, capuchin monkeys, corn monkeys.
Condor region: Andean bear, condor of the Andes, pumas.

8. What does the Restaurant, Paquetero, Parking, cars and wheelchairs service consist of?

Our Park has different services that will help you live an unforgettable experience during your visit, these are some of them:

Restaurants: Inside the Park you will find two restaurants (Bocatípicos and Barbacoa) four cafeterias (La carreta, Choroticos, carousel, barbecue) two stations (Bioparque Station and trail station) and an area for grilled dishes (La Brasa) focused on Colombian gastronomic culture.
Paquetero: We offer a free Paquetero service for suitcases, motorcycle helmets and items that you do not require for your visit.
Parking: We have a free parking service for vehicles and motorcycles, in operation only for visitors to the Jaime Duque Park Foundation.
Car and wheelchair rental: This service has a cost of $15,000 per day, you can also cancel it for hours of use that is necessary. However, if you have your own car or wheelchair, you can enter them into the Park without paying any additional value.

9. Why do children cancel based on height and not age?

Our safety regulations in attractions have been established with heights that always allow our service to promote the well-being of all users, so the height of 85 centimeters has been established as the minimum for children’s parks and from there the use of the other park attractions.

*Standard 1825 of the Amusement Parks Law.

10. What can and cannot be entered into the Jaime Duque Park Foundation during my visit?

What can you enter?

Diaper bags, sunscreen, jackets, umbrellas, energy for an incredible and unforgettable day.

What can’t you enter?
Pots or styrofoam
helium bombs
colored gases
Sports elements (balls, conventional or electric skateboards, discs, bicycles, balls, arches, skates, electric cars, etc.

11. What is the difference between our Natural Reserves Bioparque Wakatá and Ecoparque Sabana?

During your visit to the Park, you will enjoy unique natural areas, which will give you an experience in an educational and cultural context. In our Bioparque Wakatá Nature Reserve we work through animal welfare, being the habitat of more than 700 animals of 100 different species that have arrived at our facilities after being rescued or seized in transport centers, homes or places where the species have suffered damage. illegal species trade. This area constitutes large spaces accompanied by members of our Foundation who will provide you with information so that you can live a journey full of learning.
In our Ecoparque Sabana Natural Reserve, you will find a territory of life, 60 hectares made up of a 5-kilometer trail that combines nature conservation with culture and tells us about the lives of our Muisca ancestors. In addition to this, an area for bird watching, wetlands and species of flora and fauna. A tour for lovers of biodiversity. Also, we have the tour of Our Planet, 12 educational modules where we will learn about conservation.