Nature conservation

Nature Conservation Manifest

The health and wellbeing of people depends on a great measure on the wellness of the planet. For this reason, one of our main missional objectives is nature conservation. We understand sustainability as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations, ensuring a balance between economic growth, environmental care and social wellbeing.

We actively work on the transformation of the territory and the construction of sustainable landscapes. We develop nature reserves as Ecopark Sabana and Bioparc Wakatá, as a strategy to conserve ecosystems, species in danger of extinction and fighting climate change. These two reserves are located inside the Parks facilities, taking over 140 hectares, around 70% of the Park.

The Nature Reserve Biopark Wakatá (Resolutions 061 of 30/11/2012 and 133 of 011/09/2022) is a sacred space, here live animals that have been rescued by the authorities as a result of being victims of illegal trafficking. As they lose their ability to survive in their natural habitat, they become ambassadors of biodiversity, staying at this beautiful space where they receive the best care with the highest standards in animal wellbeing, provided by our technical and professional team.

From the Nature Reserve Ecopark Sabana (Resolution 066 of 30/05/2017) we work for the restoration and conservation of high Andean forests and wetlands, generating adequate habitat conditions for wild fauna to find a refuge, food and reproduction, understanding that to achieve this we must promote citizen participation. Here, we protect the Spot-flanked Gallinule and other endemic species from the savannah of the Bogotá river and pollinizers vital for the ecosystem.

We acquired La Piedra del Condor, our third reserve (Resolution 241 of 20/10/2023) with 300 hectares on the Páramo El Almorzadero, located in the municipality of San Andrés in the department of Santander, for the protection of the páramo ecosystems and the Andean Condor.

We add to out list of protected areas, the Nature Reserve El Páramo (resolution 163 of 26/10/2017) with 70 hectares on commodatum, located in the municipality of Guasca, Cundinamarca, with the intention of contributing to the conservation of the Andean Bear, through an Attention, Assessment and Rehabilitation Center for the specie, named Spectacled Bear Sanctuary.

Other Nature Reserves

With the European Association of Zoos (EAZA), we acquired a 40 hectares land located in Samaná, Caldas, which was donated to the Parque Nacional Natural Selva de Florencia on 2018 to extend the protected area of the White-footed Tamarin and other endemic species in danger of extinction. This is the only Natural Park in Colombia where the presence of this species is confirmed.

Finally, we support the Titi Project Foundation in the purchase of reserve areas for the protection of the cotton-top tamarin, to date the Reserve Los Titíes de San Juan, in San Juan Nepomuceno in the department of Bolívar has 186 hectares of protected area.

Each of these reserves has an environmental management plan.

Cross areas

We know nothing inspires more than the example, because of this, through our Environmental Management system we plan and execute activities, processes and strategies to promote the efficient use of resources (waste, water and energy), reducing the environmental impact of our actions.

We are convinced that education is the best impact tool. We have transformed ourselves in a great living room so that in a participative way, the nearby community, visitors and members can connect with the natural surrounding, know their problems. In that way through particular actions, they can turn themselves into multipliers of environmental conscience.

Public Health seeks to promote the wellbeing of people and prevent the effect of diverse phenomenons. We support Scientific Research as a method to help improve the existing conditions through deeper knowledge of the problems that affect life in general and the causes of these.

We do all of the above together with various partner institutions, to increase our impact and contribute to a more just and equitable country for all living beings.

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