RATES 2022

Valid for the following days:

29 – January

*Does not include additional services; Bicycle tour through natural reserve ($10.000) Andes train ($10.000).

FREE PARKING. Food is allowed in biodegradable packaging to consume in our fields.

A day and night wonderful experience. You will be able to enjoy broad green areas and attractions that include museums, mechanical and dynamical games, Biopark and Ecopark. In addition to this, on the dates mentioned we have an extended functioning working schedule until 9:00pm, during the whole day we have a variety of musical presentations, folkloric dances and the presentation of conservation documentaries. At night, we have an extraordinary digital art (mapping) display, projected on our monuments with high technology and even the possibility of doing family mapping, as well as enjoying the experience in the Cosmic Dome and the Jaguara Square.

Valid for the following days:

27, 28, 30 – Junuary

*Does not include additional services; Bicycle tour through natural reserve ($10.000) Andes train ($10.000).

FREE PARKING. Food is allowed in biodegradable packaging to consume in our fields.

With this passport, you will enjoy a wonderful day. We have 200 hectares with beautiful green areas and 39 attractions, here you will be able to enjoy our mechanical and dynamic games, you will see our wide variety of biodiversity In our Wakatá Biopark, you will learn about fascinating topics related to the conservation of nature in our Savanna Ecopark, about our history and traditions in diverse sceneries, about aviation in the Aerospace Museum. You will enjoy a while world of experiences, with the company of family and friends.

Bicycle tour through our Savanna Ecopark Natural Reserve (Cost: $10.000)
Where does your contribution go?

Your contribution is a tool that allows us to continue with our campaign 1 Million Trees for my Country, through this we seek our purpose of reaching different places from the Savanna Center Region and of turning natural zones into life territories. Aside from this, you are contributing to the maintenance and conservation of the Savanna Ecopark Natural Reserve.

Andes Train ($10.000)
Where does your contribution go?

We work by the hand of different entities for the protection of the endemic fauna of our country through educational actions, investigation and work with the community. One of our most important programs is our Breeding and Conservation Program Of the Andean Condor, Colombia’s national bird that plays a significant role in the Andean ecosystems. This work has been taking place in Paramo el Almorzadero in Cerrito, Santander.


Do kids pay?

Kids pay a ticket after they reach the height of 85cm, this will be verified at the entrance.



Online tickets must be bought through our online platform at least 12 hours before your visit to the park.

You can buy your tickets through our online platform or directly at the entrance of the park.

Buying your tickets online consolidates your reservation. We remind you that this is NOT a fast or preferential access system.

The day of your visit. at the entrance, you must present proof of payment (printed or digital) as well as your ID so your tickets can be given to you without a problem.

Access to some attractions have a minimum height, this promotes the security of our visitors.

Mandatory use of masks.

Kids that do not pay for the ticket, have access to the attractions with the ticket given to the adult that accompanies them.


Some of our attractions have a minimum and maximum height. Kids must be accompanied by an adult.


The operating hours of the attractions are subject to changes due to climatic, lighting and capacity conditions.



At the entrance of our park our visitors can pay their tickets with debit cards, credit card MasterCard, Visa, American Express.


At the entrance of our park our visitors can pay their tickets with cash.


You can buy your tickets through our online platform (Minimum 2 hours before your visit).


Capacity for 1200 cars
Capacity for 20 bicycles
Area for 10 pets
Capacity for 100 motorcycles


General rules of the parking lot

The Fundación Parque Jaime Duque does not guarantee the surveillance of your car, motorcycle, bicycle or of any of your accessories, valuable items, or packages left inside your vehicle, we only grant free usage of the parking lot. At the entrance of the parking lot you will receive a ticket, this is not a receipt of the car, motorcycle, or bicycle and it also does not equal as a voucher, therefore, the foundation does not assume any responsibility for any damage or money or item loss that were left inside the vehicle.

Keep your parking lot ticket in a safe place, do not leave it inside the car, motorcycle, bicycle. Do not forget to validate it before you leave and to turn it in to the guard at the exit.

Properly lock your car or motorcycle, as well as activating the alarm. Park on the spot you were assigned and in the case of bicycles please put a lock on it. Helmets, backpacks or packages can be left in zone we have assigned for these items.

If by the end of our working hours the parking spot is not returned, the appropriate authorities will be communicated.

Inside our park we have different species of birds and fauna, therefore, we do not allow the entrance of pets to our establishment. This is why, we have an area with a capacity for 10 pets, for their stay we ask the owners to bring a bed, water and food for the pets.