Schedules and ticket fares


Dear user:

In accordance with DIAN Resolution 001092 of July 1, 2022, commercial establishments must generate an electronic invoice for POS purchases equal to or greater than 5 UVT, which is equivalent to $212,060 Colombian pesos.
If the value of your purchase exceeds this amount, Parque Jaime Duque must generate the corresponding sales invoice, for which it is necessary that you register your data



Venta únicamente en taquilla

Venta únicamente en taquilla


Bicycle tour through the Ecoparque Sabana Nature Reserve:
Cost: $12,000
Where does your contribution go?

Your contribution becomes a tool that allows the Árboles para mi País campaign to be carried out, with which we seek to reach different places in the Sabana Centro Region and convert natural areas into large territories of life. In addition to this, you contribute to the maintenance and conservation of the Ecoparque Sabana Nature Reserve.

Andes Train Tour
Cost: $12,000
Where does your contribution go?

We build strategies that promote the conservation of our territory through education, research and work with the community. Through tourism with a purpose, we promote the protection of endangered species such as the Condor of the Andes, the flagship bird of our national territory and plays an essential role in Andean ecosystems.


Should the bracelet be canceled for children?

Children cancel a bracelet from 85 centimeters tall, which will be verified by a member in the ticket office area




Inside the Park we have different species of birds and wildlife, so pets are not allowed to enter the facilities. This is why we have 16 spaces for the temporary stay of dogs only, their owners must bring their bed, water and food.




At the Park ticket offices, our visitors can cancel their bracelets with MasterCard, Visa, American Express debit and credit cards.


At the Park ticket offices, our visitors can pay for their bracelets in cash.


You can only purchase the legacy bracelet.


You must pay for your bracelets through the online platform at least 12 hours prior to your visit to the Park.

You can make your purchase through our online platform or directly at the ticket office.

By making your purchase online you consolidate your reservation process. We remind you that it is NOT a quick access or preferential entry system.

On the day of your visit you must present your proof of payment (printed or digital) together with your identity document at the Park ticket offices so that your bracelets can be delivered to you.

The entrance to the attractions of the Park is governed by heights, in accordance with the safety regulations established for our visitors.

Children who do not cancel a bracelet due to their height, enter the attractions with the bracelet of the adult who accompanies them.


Some attractions have height restrictions. Children must be accompanied by an adult.


The operating hours of the attractions are subject to changes due to weather, light and capacity conditions.


In order to safeguard our and respect the welfare of the animals that have a habitat in our facilities, comply with the regulations established in the Colombian Air Regulation (RAC) No. 91, appendix 13, and respect the airspace granted the Colombian Air Force; We would like to remind you that the entry and use of drones is not authorized in the facilities of the Jaime Duque Park Foundation nor in its surroundings within a distance of 3 kilometers.

To make an authorization request you must present your Class A drone operation certificate issued by the Civil Aeronautics, the response will be given by the Communications Department of the Jaime Duque Park Foundation.


Capacidad para 1200 vehículos
Capacidad para 20 Bicicletas


16 espacios destinados para la permanencia temporal únicamente de perros
Capacidad para 100 motos


The Jaime Duque Park Foundation does not guarantee the surveillance of your vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or your accessories, valuables, or packages that are left inside the vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle. We only grant free use of the space exclusively for parking. Upon entering you will receive a ticket, it is not proof of receipt of the vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle, nor proof of deposit contract, consequently, the Foundation does not assume any responsibility for damages suffered by the vehicle or loss of valuables or money left inside of the same.

Keep the ticket in a safe place, do not leave it inside the vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle, validate it and give it to the doorman when leaving.

Leave your vehicle or motorcycle duly insured and activate the alarm, in the place that has been assigned to you for free use on loan; in the case of bicycles, secure it with a lock to the bike rack. Helmets, suitcases or packages can be left in the Paquetero area.

If at the end of the public service day established by the Park, the space used is not delivered, the competent authorities will be notified.