Our Objective Culture

Education and culture have been pillars of the Parque Jaime Duque Foundation since the beginning of, as our founder’s dream was to bring visitors closer to icons of world culture and awaken a love for history.

Preserving our historical and cultural memory is a challenge that we are compromised with. In this way, we contribute to safeguarding our identity and the intangible heritage of the country, forging social character and tolerance, by understanding the importance of coexistence in differences and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. A country that recognizes its cultural sources and knows their history, understands its relevance and, therefore, can project itself to the future.

Many of our spaces and museums are dedicated to preserving our patriotic symbols and telling our story. Our objective is for national and foreign visitors to appreciate the richness of our country and for that, we highlight what makes us unique.

In 2014, 7 hectares were donated to the Aerospace Colombian Museum. They have the mission of: Studying, divulging, retrieving and preserving the historical and technological colombian patrimony, encouraging social values such as respect, cultural and historical recognition and patriotic love, also encouraging aeronautical research and development in Colombia. The same year, 10 hectares were donated to the Military Museum of Tocancipá that will allow to collect and capture through history, the most transcendental facts and events that have framed the evolution of the Military Forces over the years, in addition to allowing visitors to transport to a world of scenarios and where in addition to reviving history, will allow paying tribute to the Soldiers, Marines and Pilots, who have offered their lives for the Homeland.

Currently, we focus efforts on the development of cultural experiences with the purpose of integrating our spaces to gastronomic experiences, craft fairs and entrepreneurship, workshops of knowledge of traditional trades, artistic presentations to deliver a varied offer of cultural goods and services to visitors in general and to the communities of savannah center specifically, to strengthen the social and economic fabric.

We are aware that the conservation of culture must respond to the conditions of the moment and its context. Therefore, it must be rethought and resignified permanently, and go from being a static concept to being an active social phenomenon with impact on their communities and their territory.

We are based on sustainability principles that generate value and integrate heritage identity, vocation and cultural dynamics, as part of a responsible and purposeful tourism, through a legendary service, creating a world of experiences in one place.